Sri Veena Narthana shaale

Sri Veena Narthana shaale was established in 2023 in Bangalore by Bharatanatyam dancer and author Aakash Narasipure. The dance school is currently training students online and offline from around the globe. This dance school was established to make Bharata Natyam available and affordable to every dance enthusiast and dedicated student. The dance schools intend to propagate this art form through constant practice and inspiring performances. The dance classes are held at the venue every day at a scheduled time. For more information, contact us by phone call or writing to us via email

Founder and Administrator

Aakash Narasipure is a Bharata Natyam dancer having an experience learning this art form for more than 25 years. He began his journey into the field of dance at the tender age of 5 years under the guidance of Smt. Rukmini prasad and Karnatic vocal training under Lakshmi prasad. He later continues to pressure this art form in Mumbai under the direction of Vidu Smt. Lakshmi Menon.  He studied Sanskrit and Dwaita philosophy under the strict gurukul learning system for eight years in Satya dhyana Vidyapeetham, Mumbai. For a few years, he was trained in Bharata Natyam under the guidance of Guru Sri Praveen Kumar. While studying Tarka shastra and Panini’s Ashtadyayi, he had brief training on playing the vena instrument. He later studied and practised Bharata Natyam under the guidance of Smt. Gayathri Keshavan for nine years.  He has authored two plays, one book on Karnatic music, one on mathematics and several workbooks for children for Indian and American school standards.  He began his journey as a screenplay writer in 2022 for Kannada movies. Currently, he is practising the art of Kannokol from the famous musician Sri Somashekar jois.

A dancer and performer, Aakash Narasipure has performed in various parts of the country on numerous occasions, in different parts of the country. He has performed at various historical and spiritual places, Udupi Sri Krishna temple, Ekambreshwara temple Kanchipuram, Arunchaleshwara temple – Tiruvannamalai, Swami Malai, Kumbakonam, Mysore and many other various temples. He has also performed at multiple international dance festivals in Kolkata, Tirupati, Bangalore etc.

Author and books published

As an author and his passion for writing, Aakash has written and published three books, which include two plays ‘Rajathapeetapuram’ _ A three-act play about the origin of Udupi temple, the second Pashupathi 1934’, a historical play and the third book ‘Mathematics of Karnatic music’ a unique book in the field of music and mathematics that shows the relationship between two interesting fields.  All three books have been widely received and appreciated by readers for their unique ideas and writing styles.

Sriveena Narthana Shaale